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Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on being proactive roof experts!


When it comes to your home's roof, minor damage isn't always obvious You might not see it from the ground, but your roof could be suffering from weather-related wear and tear.

Insurance May Cover Your Repairs: If your roof has been impacted by the weather, you might be eligible for repairs or a replacement covered by your insurance. So let us help you start the process.


Fixing the Roof
Roofers at Work

Roofing Consultation

Did you know that some weather-related damage might qualify for insurance claims, potentially saving you thousands in repair costs?

Schedule a Complimentary Roof Inspection to ensure your home is secure and to uncover any potential for insurance-covered repairs or replacements.

Suburban Family Home

Roofing Stats

From blistering sun to wind and hail, weather can take a toll on your roof. Even minor damage can have major consequences if left unchecked. It's estimated that severe weather, such as hail and windstorms, cause $10 billion dollars in damage annually across the United States.

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Let Us Look At Your Roof

Transform your home with confidence. Choose Power 22 Home for roofing, solar, and home efficiency services that redefine quality and sustainability.

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