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We Make Going Solar Easy With 10 Years of Expertise 


Over 10 Years of Solar Expertise For You

We guide you throughout the entire process of going solar, inform you of all tax incentives, and find rebates where we can for you to have the best options when going solar!


Free Onsite Solar Consultation

Because each home is unique, an expert solar consultant will visit you at your convenience to discuss your solar options designed to provide you with the best value possible. 

Your solar consultant will provide a free, customized quote estimating energy savings as well as provide expert guidance on why your investment in solar today can be financially beneficial. You can feel at ease knowing that your solar consultant is knowledgeable on rebate offers, tax incentives, and available solar programs so you will receive an accurate financial picture. 

Onsite Solar Design

You can relax knowing that a team of solar experts will do all the work for you. Shortly after the initial consultation, a site surveyor will visit your home and take the measurements needed to develop a highly functional solar energy system.


These measurements are given to design experts who will engineer a customized system to meet your home’s specific energy needs.

A project manger from our corporate office will be dedicated to your job and obtain all the required permits and set up all necessary inspections. 

There is no work required of the homeowner. 

System Installation

The solar panel installation will be scheduled at your convenience. Installation can typically be completed in a single day.

Immediately following approval from the electric company, your new solar energy system will be ready for use. 

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Our Services Include

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Theresa D. - GoodYear, AZ

I don't pay for my electricity anymore. This is such a good feeling! Our electricity costs were so expensive and not coming down. The system is working as I was told it would. I think it looks good too.

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-Catalina D. 

Draper, UT

Amazing customer service from the very first no-pressure consultation to the installation and final inspection, oh and a great product too.

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-Travis P.

 Denver, CO

I'm extremely happy with the system and the product seems great. The installation went well and they did everything on time. They did an extremely good job on the installation. The panels look good on the house and the system gives feedback on to my smartphone for monitoring the solar power.

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-Stephanie G.

Phoenix, AZ

I honestly love my solar power system. No more power outages and when the sun is shining we are not relying on the grid.

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