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We are a family-owned company celebrating 10 years of solar industry experience and expertise. 


We value family, honor, love, accountability, and hard work. Power 22 was named in honor of a special person who was taken too soon. To us, the number 22 honors his legacy while representing these values. 


Our mission is to use our expertise to responsibly provide homeowners with a customized solar power system to meet all of their energy needs while saving money. We want to make a positive difference in our customers’ homes, their community, and the planet.



Our goal is to create a company culture that allows our employees to grow both personally and professionally. Our goal is to lead by respect and in turn create our future leaders. This mindset will result in our customers receiving the best care and guidance from a well-trained, professional, and ethical team of experts. 


Our mission is to educate our customers while guiding them on their path to reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint by going solar.


There are too many homeowners that are misinformed or simply don't know what a difference solar energy can make in reducing their energy costs.


We give customized, accurate, and ethical assistance to our customers and provide them with a product that makes a long-term difference in their homes, in our communities, and our planet.


Our mission is to reach every eligible homeowner, become their neighborhood solar company, and make a significant difference in their lives. 

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